The effective secrets behind the “Startup Nation”


Back in 2009, Israel was officially crowned the “Startup Nation”.  But what stands behind this bombastic definition?  Outsourcing programmers enable Israeli startups to break records all the time.

What is the secret of success of the Israeli startups that are conquering the world?  There are those who will say that it is daring.  Others will say that it’s the “Jewish mind that is issuing patents”, while others will focus on our military capabilities.  What is certain is that most successful startups today have a similar and effective work habit: outsourcing their work to freelance programmers.

Just in 2018, there were almost 7000 startups operating in Israel.  Some of them are still in the idea formulation and POC stage, while others progress each year to more advanced stages and need to show results in the field, which requires sufficient manpower.  Field data show that only about 16 percent of the startups grow into significant companies.  Those that have succeeded can tell you that it is not simple presenting real products while managing an ever-expanding workforce.  How can this be done in the most effective way for a startup?  They can rely on the bright minds that will find practical solutions.

How can huge tasks be done in a small startup?

Many successful startups attributed their success to the flexibility they have demonstrated throughout their process—the ability to deviate from the original idea toward a more profitable idea, the intellectual openness to new technologies, and flexibility in managing their human resources.

How can a company operate profitably, while also making significant advances rapidly? At an increasing number of startups, they understand that in addition to the original team that established the company and that is essential to its success, they can also use outsourced programmers.  These allow the company to rapidly take control over tasks, produce impressive products, and simply save the company the necessary and expensive process of hiring manpower.

While working from home was relatively accepted in many companies, startups that began employing workers through outsourcing three or four years ago were considered no less than groundbreaking.  Today, it seems like distant history, as everyone knows the answer: yes, it is worthwhile, and it is clear that it works very well.

Many startups have discovered over time that offsite employment is not just possible, but also effective and worthwhile.  Many have thus come into the corona era well prepared, thanks to offsite employment procedures that provide order and enable the company to advance and to reach results in an era in which many businesses are finding it difficult to blaze their own path.

How do startups lead immense projects together with outsourced programmers?

When more and more offices are moving to working from home, whether due to the challenges of the situation or a desire to save office space, the number of technologies that help them increases.  Among the immense choice, there are a few prominent options that are very popular:

  • Trello: Since 2011, millions of people have used this network applications that enables whole teams to synchronize, manage lists, and transfer messages in one central place.
  • Agile: Agile’s approach has many facets, but in general, this is a software engineering approach that focuses on the rapid development of software.  Based on this approach, a lot of advanced planning is not efficient and must be synchronized and updated frequently.
  • Personally tailored task system: Many startup companies are developing systems for themselves that are 100 percent tailored to the company’s needs and the preferences of their leading programmers.

Introducing 3Base, one of the leading technology companies in Israel.  The company’s staff is comprised of particularly talented software developers that specialize in the forefront of technology.  Long before COVID and the spread of working from home, 3Base was helping leading startups advance far from their offices.

Maximum effectiveness with minimum bureaucracy

Anyone who lives in the world of startups can tell you that time is the most critical resource.  Beyond the fact that hiring workers is an expensive and complex task, those who “have done it” say that the main problem is the time it takes from the company.  Employment through outsourcing, from a company that you rely on, can save you valuable time and enable the company to move forward at maximum speed.  At 3Base, we operate based on an obligatory standard of professionalism and quality, combined with personal tailoring of the optimal employees for each company, helping to lead startups to impressive results at a lower cost of employment, and with rapid results.

Do you want to get to the next level at your startup within just a few days?

If you thought that in order to expand your team and reach rapid results, you need to invest valuable resources in hiring and direct employment, it is important for you to know that there is another way.  The talented programmers at 3Base have already helped many successful startups achieve their goals.  Whether your goal is releasing a new version, demonstrating for a customer, or tying up loose ends before the desired exit, your choice is clear.

Just fill out the details, and your next hire is closer (and easier) than ever.

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