Why does your business need junior level employees? How to get the most out of them. Everything that you need to know

Junior level employees are an integral part of the ideal mix for every hi-tech company.  How can you employ them in the smartest way possible?  Here’s the information

While many people in the hi-tech world are focused on hiring experienced people, the large calibers who come with serious mileage understand that the “small” wheels can actually be no less efficient.  Companies can employ students or young adults with little experience at lower cost, and find the most successful among them, and raise them into the company according to their own work approach.  Get to know the juniors.

In contrast with an experience hi-tech professional who has gotten used to the standards and atmosphere that were unique to his or her previous workplace, junior level employees let the company’s leaders set out the path for them.  They are thirsty to learn, welcome the opportunity, and try to prove themselves with all their might.  The high level of commitment to the company that saw fit to employ them, and the tremendous flexibility that is necessary in the long-term learning process, provide a win-win format that will be beneficial in the long-term as well.

How can you make sure that your junior-level employees make the maximum contribution to the company?

No doubt, employing a junior-level employee can sometimes be confusing.  A fourth-year student that is still considering his future, or a fresh graduate that is still confused by the options open to him… full stack or back end?  C++ or Python?  With such a wide variety of options, who wouldn’t be confused?!?!

So… you need to train them, and to go through a handover process with them.  Yes, it takes them time to professionalize and to learn the organizational language, but in the end, after the initial investment, and thanks to the flexibility that is possible when they are still not fixed into a particular work method or direction, each of these employees is raw material waiting to be formed by the employer.  At a more affordable price, the company can design its workers as it sees fit and to match its unique needs, and adapt them to the work methods used by the company.  Occasionally, a junior-level employee will turn up with the rare quality, with leadership capability, who can pave the path and drive hard throughout in order to march the company toward the cutting edge of its industry.

If so, then this is not a bad deal at all, and may even pay off quite nicely.  With an initial investment of time, not a lot of money, and some margin for error, you can succeed in training a professional and dedicated employee.  With enough patience on your part, you have also managed to arouse and encourage his commitment to the company, and perhaps even create the loyal employee who will continue with your for years, and will in the end become one of the stars that will navigate the company’s path in the desired direction.

The shortcut to getting the most out of junior-level employees at your company – employment through outsourcing

There is another way that enables you to benefit from all the worlds.  The short and fast way to provide the most appropriate experienced employee who will work as a junior-level employee at your company.  Introducing 3Base, which insists on uncompromising high standards among the junior-level employees who have completed their studies with excellence and demonstrate not only talent in coding, but also promising professional and organizational capabilities.

The most talented junior-level employees are joining your team

Just like in a top recruitment program in the military, which knows how to identify the most talented service candidates, 3Base’s recruitment team always has an eye on new graduates who are particularly talented.  For a long time, we have understood that in our world, everything is very liquid and the situation is never clear.  A company therefore needs maximum immediate results with the minimum investment and time.  So instead of hiring junior-level employees and investing in them, instead of dismissing those who have been found unsuitable, instead of hiring people who may not successfully integrate into the company, you can simply strengthen your company by adding promising junior-level employees that 3Base selects especially and exactingly for you.

Employing through outsourcing is without a doubt the next big thing in the hi-tech world.  It is a method that saves the company time and money.  Instead of the new graduate who could have used the company as a starting point, you will get a skilled and diligent employee with intellectual flexibility and a drive for results—with minimum bureaucracy, without holiday gifts or bonuses, and for the time period that you need, as long as it may be.

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