”To be the first go-to solution for high tech companies developing their R&D and data science consultancy, in addition to becoming the best workplace for ultra orthodox women”.


3Base, powered by Taldor was established in 2008 and has grown remarkably to become Israel’s leading software development company. 3Base combines bulletproof methodology, highly-skilled technical teams and top-notch technologies to deliver bespoke scalable software for SAAS and IOT companies using the Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning algorithms.

3Base is the vision of some remarkable individuals who wished to provide premium development services to clients by combining the skill and talent found in Israel’s Ultra Orthodox female community with Israel’s unrivalled high-tech sector.




Noa Klot | CEO

Noa has 20 years of experience in management. She holds vast experience in operational and managerial. She experiences challenges, not problems and knows there’s a solution to everything. Noa believes that in order to succeed, you must give up the story that’s holding you back and tell yourself a new one of capability and worthiness. Look up, move forward and make it happen.

Malki Feldman | CTO

Malki is responsible for developing the company’s tech strategy as well as managing the professional training and consulting for employees and customers. She’s a natural autodidact and multitasker. Malki believes in the power of female collaborations, leading every woman to take charge of her own life and society she lives in. 

Rotem Ishay-nishly | Director of Technology & Diversity

The vision that guides Rotem is to take an active part in promoting and integrating the ultra-Orthodox women in the world of employment in general and the high-tech sector in particular, and at the same time grow the company into new districts and business channels.

Rotem believes that only who can see the invisible, can do the impossible


Nirit Moses | HR Manager

Nirit has over 15 years of experience in HR management and is an expert in directing and developing managers. She’s become an integral partner in the formulation of the organizational strategy for the entire company recruitment. Nirit believes investing in her employees dreams is the best investment out there.  


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